Some very useful Mantras

Each Person has got their own deity or saadhya devata. You need to first find out the ishta devata from your horoscope and then ask help from the deity associated with your chart. There are times when we need to increase the strength of certain planets in our chart. So in both the cases it is very much beneficial if you start reciting the stotra associated with the saadhya devata. A list of Ishta Devata and their Mantras are given below. I shall add more later.

Lord Shiva

OM Na Ma Si Va Ya

Reciting the above mantra 1000 time daily. It takes only 20 minutes to recite 1000 times.

Devi Parvathy

OM Sarva Mangala Mangalye, Shive
Sarvardha Sadhike
Sharanye, Trayambake, Gauri
Narayani Namostute

recite the above mantra 11 times daily in the morning.

Surya Deva

Japa Kusuma Sankasham
Kasyapeyam Maha Dyutim
Tamognam Sarva Papagnam
Pranatosmi Divakaram

recite the above mantra 10 times daily in the morning. Please face eastern direction while praying.

Lord Karthikeya

OM Sri Sharavana Bhavaya Namah

recite the above mantra 4 or 9 times in the morning.

Sani Bhagwan

Neelanchana Samaa Naabham
Ravi Putram Yama Grajam
Chaaya Marthaanda Sambhootham
Tam Namami Shanischaram

recite the above stotra 8 times daily. very good for people running Kantaka Sani, Ashtama Sani, and 7 and half Years Sani.

Santhana Gopala Mantra (For getting children)

Make a prayer to Santhana Gopala by chanting the following mantra 108 times a day for 108 days after bath.

Om Devaki Sudha Govinda
Vasudeva Jagath Pathe
Dehimey Thanayam
Krishna Thwamaham
Kadhahaa Deva Deva
Gothra Vridhi Karap Prabho
Dehimey Thanayam Sheegram
Ayushmandham Yashashreenam !

The above mantra is very strong and effective for couples with progeny issues. Please recite this mantra after bath. the prayers should be offered infront of the photograph of Toddler Krishna. Please visualise Gopala krishna fully in your mind while reciting the above mantra. Please recite the above mantra 108 time a day and you would start seeing the result with in 41 weeks if you recite this without a break.

Swayam Vara Mantra (For getting married)

Om Hreem Yoginim Yogeshwarim Yoga Bhayankaree
Sakala Sthavarajangamasya Mukha Hridayam Mama
Vasamakarshaya Swaha.

The above mantra is very helful for a young man or lady who has problem getting married, people with delayed marriage etc. Please recite this 108 times while offering Puja. Please do Lord Ganesh Puja while doing the above mantra for 7 consecutive days. This has to be repeated 4 times in a year. so please do this once in every quarter for a continuous period of 7 days. So in a year you should do this 28 days total. As soon as you finish an year circle, you would definitely see the result. This is a time proven solution for people with delayed marriage

More Slokas and Mantras Later,

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Author Reference : S.K.Ramakrishnan (http://www.shadbala.org)

Buying a Car

Auspicious time for buying a Car

In a Horoscope, Fourth house is called Vahana Sthana. Venus is the planet of Pleasure, Luxury, so naturally Venus become the karaka for the Vehicle. Mars represents the structural aspect of the Vehicle as Mars is for metal, engineering. machine etc. The function of the car or a Vehicle is to transport people, or conveyance. Transportation is the use of the car. Mercury is the planet associated with transportation, short distance travel, Comunication etc. so Mercury also needs to be considered while buying or selling a car.

Benefic aspect on the 4th house, 4th lord, or Venus would be very helpful for the purchase of a car when the favourable maha dasa or sub dasa is running, or even by a good planet transit over the 4th house. The association of the benefic planet could be by aspect or conjunction.

Please make sure these planets are in direct motion during the time you are buying a car. That is the 4th lord, Venus and Mercury. If those planets are afflicted, the structural and the functional aspect of the car would be seriously affected in the future. The Ascendant at the time of buying the car is also very important to consider. it should be free from afflictions as well.

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Author Reference : S.K.Ramakrishnan (http://www.shadbala.org)

Child Birth

Child Birth as seen from the Horoscope

Child birth is seen from the 5th house. 5th house is also a love making, entertainment house. No wonder why children are associated with the 5th house ! Jupiter is the karaka for children. A positive 5th house is conducive to the birth of a healthy baby. Maraca planet aspecting the 5th house, present in the 5th house, aspecting the 5th lord, conjunct the 5th lord bring tension related with child birth. Maraca influence result in delay in child birth, some times premature child birth, abortion etc possible. the first rate maraca in a chart are the 6th , 8th , and 12th lord, also the natural maraca planets plays a difficult role. All these difficulties can be clearly seen from the chart.

Udhara sthan (Stomach) is very important to consider. Fiery and Dry planet like Mars and Sun are not helpful for the development of foetus, where as natural benefic and wet planets like moon or Venus would help much either by aspect on 5th house presence in the 5th house. As usual the maraca for the 5th house children related issues are the 6th house and 11th house. Those 2 lords malefic influence would not help for the children matters, especially if the mother is running the main period or sub period of those maraca lord.

The obvious patterns that delays or prohibit the child birth are Rahu present in the 5th house, Jupiter the Karaka for children present in the 5th house there by making Karako Bhava Nasah. Of course the Jupiter and Rahu if both present in the 5th house would make the situation much worse. 6th house, 8th house and 12th house from the 5th house, their house lords, position etc has to be considered while analysing the horoscope for the progeny issues.

Your Horoscope chart would also show how many children you would have, also the gender of the children.

Couples who are having problem with child birth, please feel free to post your details and I could analyse your horoscope and suggest remedial measures!

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Author Reference : S.K.Ramakrishnan (http://www.shadbala.org)