Buying a Car

Auspicious time for buying a Car

In a Horoscope, Fourth house is called Vahana Sthana. Venus is the planet of Pleasure, Luxury, so naturally Venus become the karaka for the Vehicle. Mars represents the structural aspect of the Vehicle as Mars is for metal, engineering. machine etc. The function of the car or a Vehicle is to transport people, or conveyance. Transportation is the use of the car. Mercury is the planet associated with transportation, short distance travel, Comunication etc. so Mercury also needs to be considered while buying or selling a car.

Benefic aspect on the 4th house, 4th lord, or Venus would be very helpful for the purchase of a car when the favourable maha dasa or sub dasa is running, or even by a good planet transit over the 4th house. The association of the benefic planet could be by aspect or conjunction.

Please make sure these planets are in direct motion during the time you are buying a car. That is the 4th lord, Venus and Mercury. If those planets are afflicted, the structural and the functional aspect of the car would be seriously affected in the future. The Ascendant at the time of buying the car is also very important to consider. it should be free from afflictions as well.

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Author Reference : S.K.Ramakrishnan (http://www.shadbala.org)

Child Birth

Child Birth as seen from the Horoscope

Child birth is seen from the 5th house. 5th house is also a love making, entertainment house. No wonder why children are associated with the 5th house ! Jupiter is the karaka for children. A positive 5th house is conducive to the birth of a healthy baby. Maraca planet aspecting the 5th house, present in the 5th house, aspecting the 5th lord, conjunct the 5th lord bring tension related with child birth. Maraca influence result in delay in child birth, some times premature child birth, abortion etc possible. the first rate maraca in a chart are the 6th , 8th , and 12th lord, also the natural maraca planets plays a difficult role. All these difficulties can be clearly seen from the chart.

Udhara sthan (Stomach) is very important to consider. Fiery and Dry planet like Mars and Sun are not helpful for the development of foetus, where as natural benefic and wet planets like moon or Venus would help much either by aspect on 5th house presence in the 5th house. As usual the maraca for the 5th house children related issues are the 6th house and 11th house. Those 2 lords malefic influence would not help for the children matters, especially if the mother is running the main period or sub period of those maraca lord.

The obvious patterns that delays or prohibit the child birth are Rahu present in the 5th house, Jupiter the Karaka for children present in the 5th house there by making Karako Bhava Nasah. Of course the Jupiter and Rahu if both present in the 5th house would make the situation much worse. 6th house, 8th house and 12th house from the 5th house, their house lords, position etc has to be considered while analysing the horoscope for the progeny issues.

Your Horoscope chart would also show how many children you would have, also the gender of the children.

Couples who are having problem with child birth, please feel free to post your details and I could analyse your horoscope and suggest remedial measures!

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Author Reference : S.K.Ramakrishnan (http://www.shadbala.org)

Change of Residence

In a horoscope, Fourth house represents our home sweet home. It also represents mother, tolerance, caring, family affections, our attachment to home, relatives, land, property etc. An astrologer can look at your 4th house and easily tell how strong the family lineage is for a person. It also represents our formal education.

12th from the 4th house represents the ‘Loss’ of all those areas I mentioned above. Loss does not always literally means “loss” “loss”, but some worries or change in those matters. So if you are heading for a residence change, it is looked at from the 3rd house. It really does not matter whether you look at the change of residence in the ‘loss’ format. For you it could be a pleasant change but for some others it may be a worry. In both the case, it is analysed from the 3rd house. we would also look at the 6th and 8th from the 4th house as these positions represents the Maraka for the 4th house matters.The change of residence could be a change between towns or states or even from one continent to another.

Remember, even during early 20th century, living away from own home, away from parents are considered to be a sin and a loss! so whether you are happy with the change or not, in Vedic terms it is still considered as a Loss πŸ™‚ and Vedic way of living is dated back to 2000 years BC, and that makes perfect sense when I say ‘Loss’ of house.

Now about the timing, the change of residence could come during the Maha Dasa or Sub Dasa period of the 3rd house lord. that is not the only condition, a malefic aspect over the 3rd house by a transit would also trigger a change of residence. But that does not always mean this would happen in all sub dasa period of the 3rd lord. If in the big picture of your destiny, a change of residence is needed, then this would manifest during the sub dasa or pratyantar dasa period of a Major maha Dasa or even by a malefic aspect. That is the key point here.

Interestingly, Looking at the Lagna, and the Atmakaraka planet, Vedic Astrology can really tell you which direction or area (region) of the country you would prosper in life and career matters. for example north of India, South of India OR even tell you the part of the Planet earth where you could have a successful Life compared to the place of birth.

Those professionals who longing for an on site or offshore projects πŸ™‚ would be interested to know when they could get an abroad chance, when they could relocate from one place to another? even a times the wife of a person would be looking for a family reunion as her husband has got a transfer to a distant location or vice versa. Vedic astrology has answer to all your day to day life issues. It is just that a learned astrologer should zoom into the are of interest and uncover the business around that area. One of the reason why I call Vedic astrology as a Guiding beam of Light! Of course we need this sort of light in the darkness!

That is all about Vedic Astrology and Change of residence.

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Author Reference : S.K.Ramakrishnan (http://www.shadbala.org)

**Change of residence in Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology – Finance, Assets & Inheritance

Finance is traditionally seen from the 2nd house in a horoscope. Fixed Deposits, Liquid cash etc are seen from the 2nd house. Benefic planets placed in the 2nd house are very good for earning finance. Of course if these benefic planets have good lordship that would be the best combination.

For example if 11th house lord (lordship) is placed in 2nd house, it is very good. 11th is for gains. 10th house lord placed in 2nd house is very good. This mean earn from profession as 10th is for career. 7th lord placed in 2nd house is very good as it would mean finance via business or foreign connection or even from the life partner.

The other house of interest for fixed assets, family, land, and property is looked at from the 4th house of family happiness. This house generally represents mother, land, property, agriculture, conveyance etc. In order to get an auspicious result, the above rule I mentioned applies here as well. That is exchange of a good lordship planet with 4th house or 4th lord.

The other house we look at for finance is the house of inheritance. That is the 8th house. The inheritance could be through the father or the mother or any other family members, or friends or from any one for that matter. If the 8th house is well placed, or the 8th house is well aspected, then there is great possibility of you inheriting from elders. The best example is Ambani brothers, where they inherited from their father after their father expired.

A house of sudden money is the 6th house of speculation. Whether you are good at speculation is also can be seen from the chart. Many people do take lottery and participate in raffles. But are they all lucky to get it? No. only a handful of people is lucky. Whether gambling would make you a millionaire or a bankrupt, these can be seen from your chart!

Business is seen from the 7th house. Also the karaka for business is mercury; the 3rd house also represents Trade. Same rule applies here as well. Benefic planets aspecting the 7th house, placed in the 7th house, aspecting the 7th lord, placed along with 7th lord etc would help. The same way we have to consider 3rd house, its lord and then finally the Trade Karaka mercury.

11th house is for gains. Have a look at where the 11th lord is placed. This would tell us from which area from which you are going to gain. 11th placed in the 3rd house would mean gains through siblings as 3rd represents your siblings or even from the business as 3rd also represents Trade. 11th lord placed in 7th house would mean, you gain from your partner, business or from a foreign land.

Now you know what makes a billionaire or a millionaire different from ordinary people!

When we analyse horoscope of people like Bill Gates, Ratan Tata, Ambani brothers we clearly see the Billionaire effect. Other people might have one or two or even three combinations for making money, but billionaires have all of them which make them stand out in the crowd. Of course this is well connected with one’s own past karma. So there is no point in moaning by thinking or saying I do not have much finance, because even before you were born, your sole has decided a road map for this birth & life in which the money factors are well agreed. Our current birth is the result of the old deeds we have done in the past. We call it residual karma.


Author Reference : S.K.Ramakrishnan (http://www.shadbala.org)

Horoscope and Love marriage

The Horoscope can clearly reveal whether a person is going to have a love marriage or an arranged marriage or even the multiple marriages. In a horoscope, 7th house represents marriage. The 7th lord, planets in 7th house, planets aspecting the 7th house, planets aspecting the 7th lord, planets together with 7th lord all of them would influence the marriage and the timing of marriage. Another factor to look at is the ‘karaka’ (signification) for the marriage. Venus is the significator of the marriage especially in a man’s horoscope. In a girl’s horoscope Mars would represent ‘karaka’ for marriage.

The following combinations of planets are the most obvious indications in bringing a love affair and then the possibility of a love marriage in a horoscope.

1. Rahu conjunct Moon in any house, especially the 7th house.
2. Rahu present in the 7th house
3. Moon & Venus Conjunction in any house

Those are the most obvious grouping. We got to look at the house of Love as well, which is the 5th house! other combinations that makes the love marriage are below.

1. A Parivartana yoga between 1st lord and 7th lord.
2. Placement of 7th lord or venus in 5th house of love affairs.
3. Placement of 7th lord or venus in 11th house of friendship or involvement of 11th Lord.

So, have a look at your own chart and see if those combinations exist!! There is a probably a Love maker hiding in You πŸ™‚ . Again these Love or Love marriage would manifest at the right time when the planetary combinations are in perfect harmony for such relations in one’s life. Just having those combinations I have mentioned above, does not guarantee this love would end up in a marriage!Some people do fall in love, and then get married to them. Some others love, but do not get a chance to get married to them. This pattern also can be seen from the Horoscope.

That is all about astrology and love marriage.

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Author Reference :S.K.Ramakrishnan (http://www.shadbala.org)



Sixth house in a horoscope is called Rogasthan. If we count 6 houses in the clock wise direction starting from first house(including first house), we reach the 6th house of Rogasthan. It is also called house of enemy or debt.

It is also important to look at the 8th house and its lord for longevity purpose. The number one maraka planet for a person are 2nd lord, 7th lord, 6th lord, 8th lord and 12th lord respectively in the decreasing order of maraka, but 6th house is specifically looked for health related issues. 6th Lord, planets in the 6th house, planets aspecting the 6th house, planets aspecting the 6th lord, planets placed along with 6th lord also play an important role in the health matters of a person.

The entire human body is astrologically divided into varius sections and certain planets rules certain section or organs of the body. There is a classification based on the rasi as well. there are 12 rasis as you know. It is easy to think the first house in a chart represents the Head or the brain of a person. The second house represents the eyes, mouth etc.

Interestingly, Vedic Astrology has remedial measures for all the health issues people facing. This helps to reduce the malefic effect of the maraka planet coupled with the right medication, helps us in easy recovery.

Having said that, it is also very important for us to remeber that our current life here is a result of the past deeds, and accordingly we are here for a certain duration whether it is Alpa-Ayush, Medium Ayush or Dheerga-Aush. This very big picture can’t be changed, but where ever possible we are able to apply the astrological remedies to reduce the ill effect. However we need to remember, these remedies does not re-write the destiny of a person!

If you or your relatives are facing any helath issues for which the medical science is not giving a cure, please feel free to post your details, I should be able to analyse the chart and give a remedy as per the astrological findings! what you need to provide (please use the ‘Leave a reply section below’) is the 2 letter name, gender, date of birth, time of birth, location of birth and a brief explanation of the health issue they are facing.

All The best for Your health!


Author Reference : S.K.Ramakrishnan (http://www.shadbala.org)

Choose the right field of Study as per your Horoscope

Education is an interesting topic to discuss. A child go through Primary Education, Secondary Education, Degree Level, Post Graduate Level, and some times Research & Developmet (Phd) type of Education. As you know we do not see many Phd or Doctorate people around! we do see many graduates. As we all know, to get to a certain IQ level, all parents push the kids to get atleast the Graduate level Education.

In the west children usually stay with parents until end of the graduation and then move out of the house looking for a new Job and own settlement, where as in Vedic / Indian culture this is considered to be embarrsasing for the parents. children normally stay with the parents until they get married, that is ofcourse after getting a Job and when you are about at least 25 years of old!

Not all of the children meet the expectation of the parents as in Education. This is irrespective of whether the child has a rich or poor background. we have seen many rich kids do not perform in the school, some does. many poor kids perform very well, some of them don’t and become drop out.

The CAUSE can be clearly seen from the basic birth Chart. you may argue that it is due to the usual cause of socio-economic factors what makes a person a drop out, good at education, earning degrees , Phds and doctorates? But we do know there are Gems from very poor background who excel to the top of the Professional Level. Why? and How?

This is why we should analyse the chart and see what is in the Card for them! It is also important to find out the best course or area of study as promised in the chart that would give them a smooth sailing at work. For example, Jupiter represents law Job. A person with 10th lord Jupiter positioned in its debilitation house, and having very weak shadbala strength may not excel in Law Profession, and yet there could be other planetary combination that might be good for becoming a sailor! If we could identify this early in life, it would be very helpful for the child to use his time and energy in those areas of promise. This is why we call Vedic Astrology ‘The Guiding Light’ !

It is always Nice to Discuss Education as seen from the Birth Chart!
Parents, please feel free to post (Use the Leave a comment option below)your children’s 2 letter Name, Gender, date of birth, time of birth and location of birth for a quick appraisal.

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Author Reference :Vedic Astrologer S.K.Ramakrishnan (http://www.shadbala.com)