Sandana Gopala mantra for help getting Progeny

Mother Yashodhara & Toddler Gopalakrishna

For all those married couples who are not yet blessed with a child even years after the marriage, THIS IS FOR YOU!. Please make a Prayer to Bala Gopala Krishna by chanting the following mantra 108 times a day in the morning.

Om Devaki Sudha Govinda
Vasudeva Jagath Pathe
Dehimey Thanayam
Krishna Thwamaham
Kadhahaa Deva Deva
Gothra Vridhi Karap Prabho
Dehimey Thanayam Sheegram
Ayushmandham Yashashreenam !

The above mantra is very powerful and effective for couples with progeny issues. Please recite this mantra after taking the bath in the morning. The prayers should be offered in front of the photograph / idol of Toddler Krishna. Please visualise Toddler Gopala Krishna fully in your mind while reciting the above mantra. Please recite the above mantra 108 times a day and you would start seeing the result within 41 weeks if you do this without a break. There is a way of doing this mantra together with Vigneswara Pooja to makes it much more effective in getting the desired result. I shall explain this here.

If you collect Ixora flower(known as chethy flower in the south), collect 108 of them, remove the middle thread in it. (if it has it, most of them have) and keep it ready for use. warm up some ghee in a cup (not boiling hot). now we need two idols or framed photos here. One is for Lord Ganesha  and other is for Toddler Krishna. standing infront of their picture, take one flower, dip in the ghee and submit to lord Ganesha while reciting Sandana gopala mantra 1 time. repeat the whole process 108 times as you have 108 flowers. Please do this for the 7 consecutive days. That makes the first cycle. All the flowers you are submitting to Lord Ganesha one by one!

You now need to wait for 3 months. then repeat the process again. For example if you start doing this 1st January 2011, then we do this from 1st to 7th January. Then wait for 3months. the next cycle would start from 1st April and finish by 7th April. The process needs to be repeated for the next quarter that is from  1st July to 7th July, and then finally from 1st October to 7th October.

So you are doing this 4 times in a year and each time when you do this, you do it for 7 consecutive days. once you have finished, 1 year with this pooja, result would be just around the corner. Please have faith in Lord Krishna, he would appear as your son if you complete this pooja devotionally!

Of course you do not really have to select January 1st as the start date, but your would prefer a date to start that is most convenient for you, that is after considering the “safe period” when you can sit infront of the Lord’s photo & Pray. You know it better!

I have seen couple’s charts where both of them having serious affliction at the 5th house of children. These are the people who would have a serious delay in getting children. The above mantra is very useful for them. Of course side by side, you are expected to do the medication as advised by the Physician. I have seen many cases where doctors have given all clear, there is no medical reason but still children are not born even after 3 to 5 years of marriage.  Without cleansing the 5th afflictions, the medicine would be of less help. Remedial measures works like a charm if done devotionally!

All the Best for You!


Author Reference : S.K.Ramakrishnan (http://www.shadbala.org)


Muhurta – Beneficial Date & Time for the auspicious events in our Life


There are mainly four sections with in Vedic Astrology. First one is Ganita, second one is Phalita, third one is Muhurta, and the last one is Prasna Astrology. Muhurta or electional astrology has a very important role in choosing appropriate date and time for conducting auspicious events in our life. For example events like  naming a child,starting school education for children, a marriage,constructing a house, house warming ceremony,  starting cultivation etc. There are a number of events in our life that are very important to us. During the Vedic period, much importance was given to Eelecting a particular date and time for such events. These are the happy moments of our life and Eelecting the right date and time is very very important for the auspiciousness of the event.

First and foremost, As a general rule we avoid the following days for any events!

1. Tuesday

2. Saturday

There is a lot of fire and air connected with those 2 days, so it is very much advisable to avoid those 2 days for any good events.

The event lagna and the karaka(significator) for the event should be an auspicious one for the event we are conducting. If we are doing a marriage, the Karaka for marriage should be in a favourable position. if we are starting a course or education, then Jupiter should be favorably placed from lagna or should be aspecting the lagna or the bhava of education etc.

Moon also play an important role in choosing the date and time. Chandra bala (strength) is very imporatnt for any event.If you remember, in the ancient days, the marriage was always conducted during the night when Chandra has control and more strength. even now in Northern part of India, marriage is conducted during the night. it is due to people preference it has been changed to day time, a typical example of  “New generation not showing due respect and consideration”  towards Vedic Astrology. There are a number of features associated with any day to check to arrive at a very auspicious date and time. So it is a tedious job for an astrologer to elect a favorable date and time for an event.

More on this later,

Best Regards


Author Reference :S.K.Ramakrishnan (http://www.shadbala.org)

Soundarya Lahari

Recite Ananda Lahari – Vedic remedy for attaining the Complete Happiness


Soundarya Lahari means waves of beauty. It contains 100 stanzas which praises the beauty of AaDhi Para shakthi Devi. The first 41 stanza is known as Ananda Lahari( waves of happiness). It takes only 30 minutes to recite  the whole Aananda Lahari 1 full time. Regularly reciting this mantra would help one person to attain all his life long wishes & brings happiness in one’s life. I am only quoting 7 stanza from the Ananda Lahari that are specifically useful for people suffering from any sort of skin disease. Please recite this set of sloka on a daily basis after taking a bath in the morning, and sitting infront of Devi’s Photo, while offering her your Pujas & respect for Matha AaDhi Para Shakthi Devi ( Swaroop of Devi Parvathy can be considered as  Devi Aadhi Para Shakthi) – who is the ultimate resort for all living beings including the Thrimurtis in Puranas.

Sloka 1
Shivah shakthya yukto yadi bhavati shaktah prabhavitum
Na chedevam devo na khalu kusalah spanditumapi;
Atas tvam aradhyam Hari-Hara-Virinchadibhir api
Pranantum stotum vaa katham akrta-punyah prabhavati

Sloka 30
Sva-deh’odbhutabhir ghrnibhir animadyabhir abhito
Nishevye nitye tvamahamiti sada bhavayati yah;
Kim-ascharyam tasya tri-nayana-samrddhim trinayato
Maha-samvartagnir virchayati nirajana-vidhim.

Sloka 31
Cautuh-shashtya tantraih sakalam atisamdhaya bhuvanam
Sthitas tat-tat-siddhi-prasava-para-tantraih pasupatih;
Punas tvan-nirbandhad akhila-purusarth’aika ghatana-
Svatantram te tantram khsiti-talam avatitaradidam.

Sloka 32
Sivah saktih kamah kshitir atha ravih sithakiranah
Smaro hamsah sakrastadanu cha para-mara-harayah;
Amee hrllekhabhis tisrbhir avasanesu ghatitha
Bhajante varnaste tava janani nam’avayavatham.

Sloka 33
Smaram yonim lakshmim trithayam idam adau tava manor
Nidhay’aike nitye niravadhi-maha-bhoga-rasikah;
Bhajanti tvam chintamani-guna-nibaddh’aksha-valayah
Sivagnau juhvantah surabhi-ghrta-dhara’huti-sataih.

Sloka 34
Sariram twam sambhoh sasi-mihira-vakshoruha-yugam
Tav’atmanam manye bhagavati nav’ atmanam anagham;
Atah seshah seshityayam ubhaya-saadharana taya
Sthitah sambandho vaam samarasa-parananda-parayoh.

Sloka 35
Manas tvam vyoma tvam marud asi marut saarathir asi
Tvam aastvam bhoomis tvayi parinathayam na hi param;
Tvam eva svatmanam parinamayithum visva-vapusha
Chidanand’aakaram Shiva-yuvati-bhaavena bibhrushe.

Sloka 36
Tavaagna chakrastham thapana shakthi koti dhyudhidharam,
Param shambhum vande parimilitha –paarswa parachitha
Yamaradhyan bhakthya ravi sasi suchinama vishaye
Niraalokeloke nivasathi hi bhalokha bhuvane

Those people who are suffering from any sort of dermatic condition( skin disease), the above is the most powerful mantra for them. This is all about the beautiful explanation of Adhi Para Shakthi Devi’s Swaroop from head to foot. Even though it may appear as if it is praising Devi’s swaroop, actually it is explaining how the universe and the beings are created from the day 1 of creation. If you could recite the whole 41 Stanza, that would be really good, if not Sloka 1 is to start with, then  sloka 30 to 36 would be very helpful for curing any disease associated with your skin. Please recite this for a period of 9 months continuously. Please try to get the Soundarya lahari mantra book in your local language so that you can learn and recite it with out any error. There are plenty of books available in the market. for people who do not have skin disease, please recite the whole 41 stanza.

This is a time proven astrological remedy for skin disease, I am 100 percent sure you would start seeing the result if  done continuously with devotion for a period of 9 months.

Best Regards


Author Reference : S.K.Ramakrishnan (http://www.shadbala.org)

**image and sloka english text courtesy : Soundarya Lahari transalation by Sri P.R Ramachander, Bangalore