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Muhurta – Beneficial Date & Time for the auspicious events in our Life


There are mainly four sections with in Vedic Astrology. First one is Ganita, second one is Phalita, third one is Muhurta, and the last one is Prasna Astrology. Muhurta or electional astrology has a very important role in choosing appropriate date and time for conducting auspicious events in our life. For example events like  naming a child,starting school education for children, a marriage,constructing a house, house warming ceremony,  starting cultivation etc. There are a number of events in our life that are very important to us. During the Vedic period, much importance was given to Eelecting a particular date and time for such events. These are the happy moments of our life and Eelecting the right date and time is very very important for the auspiciousness of the event.

First and foremost, As a general rule we avoid the following days for any events!

1. Tuesday

2. Saturday

There is a lot of fire and air connected with those 2 days, so it is very much advisable to avoid those 2 days for any good events.

The event lagna and the karaka(significator) for the event should be an auspicious one for the event we are conducting. If we are doing a marriage, the Karaka for marriage should be in a favourable position. if we are starting a course or education, then Jupiter should be favorably placed from lagna or should be aspecting the lagna or the bhava of education etc.

Moon also play an important role in choosing the date and time. Chandra bala (strength) is very imporatnt for any event.If you remember, in the ancient days, the marriage was always conducted during the night when Chandra has control and more strength. even now in Northern part of India, marriage is conducted during the night. it is due to people preference it has been changed to day time, a typical example of  “New generation not showing due respect and consideration”  towards Vedic Astrology. There are a number of features associated with any day to check to arrive at a very auspicious date and time. So it is a tedious job for an astrologer to elect a favorable date and time for an event.

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Author Reference :S.K.Ramakrishnan (http://www.shadbala.org)

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