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Swayam Vara Mantra to clear the delay in getting Married


For all those Young eligible bachelors or spinsetrs, who are still worried about their delay in marriage, THIS IS FOR YOU!. Please make a Prayer to Lord Ganesha by chanting the following mantra 108 times a day in the morning.

Swayam Vara Mantra

Om Hreem Yoginim Yogeshwarim Yoga Bhayankaree
Sakala Sthavarajangamasya Mukha Hridayam Mama
Vasamakarshaya Swaha.

Yes the mantra is that of  Devi, but you are praying this infront of Lord Ganesha!

The above mantra is very powerful and effective for young people who are stuck with delay in marriage. Please recite this mantra 108 times after taking the bath in the morning. The prayers should be offered in front of the photograph / idol of Lord Ganesha.  You would start seeing the result within 41 weeks if you do this without a break.

Procedure below!

Collect Ixora flower(known as chethy flower in the south), collect 108 of them, remove the middle thread in it. (if it has it, most of them have) and keep it ready for use. warm up some ghee in a cup (not boiling hot). now we need an idol or framed photo here. it i of Lord Ganesha . Standing infront of Lord’s picture, take one flower, dip in the ghee and submit to lord Ganesha while reciting Swayam vara mantra 1 time. Repeat the whole process 108 times as you have 108 flowers. Please do this for the 7 consecutive days. That makes the first cycle.

You now need to wait for 3 months. then repeat the process again. For example if you start doing this 1st January 2011, then we do this from 1st to 7th January. Then wait for 3months. the next cycle would start from 1st April and finish by 7th April. The process needs to be repeated for the next quarter that is from  1st July to 7th July, and then finally from 1st October to 7th October.

So you are doing this 4 times in a year and each time when you do this, you do it for 7 consecutive days. once you have finished, 1 year with this pooja, result would be just around the corner. Please have faith in Lord Ganesha who would bust all the obstacles you are facing!

Of course you do not really have to select January 1st as the start date, but your would prefer a date to start that is most convenient for you, that is after considering the “safe period” when you can sit infront of the Lord’s photo & Pray. You know it better!

I have seen Young people where they having serious affliction at the 7th house of marriage or its Lord. These are the people who would have a serious delay in getting married. The above mantra is very useful for them.

All the Best for You!


Author Reference : S.K.Ramakrishnan (http://www.shadbala.com)

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Love Romance Marriage

Horoscope and Love marriage

The Horoscope can clearly reveal whether a person is going to have a love marriage or an arranged marriage or even the multiple marriages. In a horoscope, 7th house represents marriage. The 7th lord, planets in 7th house, planets aspecting the 7th house, planets aspecting the 7th lord, planets together with 7th lord all of them would influence the marriage and the timing of marriage. Another factor to look at is the ‘karaka’ (signification) for the marriage. Venus is the significator of the marriage especially in a man’s horoscope. In a girl’s horoscope Mars would represent ‘karaka’ for marriage.

The following combinations of planets are the most obvious indications in bringing a love affair and then the possibility of a love marriage in a horoscope.

1. Rahu conjunct Moon in any house, especially the 7th house.
2. Rahu present in the 7th house
3. Moon & Venus Conjunction in any house

Those are the most obvious grouping. We got to look at the house of Love as well, which is the 5th house! other combinations that makes the love marriage are below.

1. A Parivartana yoga between 1st lord and 7th lord.
2. Placement of 7th lord or venus in 5th house of love affairs.
3. Placement of 7th lord or venus in 11th house of friendship or involvement of 11th Lord.

So, have a look at your own chart and see if those combinations exist!! There is a probably a Love maker hiding in You 🙂 . Again these Love or Love marriage would manifest at the right time when the planetary combinations are in perfect harmony for such relations in one’s life. Just having those combinations I have mentioned above, does not guarantee this love would end up in a marriage!Some people do fall in love, and then get married to them. Some others love, but do not get a chance to get married to them. This pattern also can be seen from the Horoscope.

That is all about astrology and love marriage.

Best regards


Author Reference :S.K.Ramakrishnan (http://www.shadbala.org)

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What do you know about your future life Partner

Bachelors as well as Spinsters are curious about to know about their ‘would be’ spouse. their Looks, nature, family background, education, social status, finance, where this person is coming from,what job he/she is doing, Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage,Happy marriage, Lasting Marriage, etc, lots and lots of questions you have in your mind.

Interestingly Vedic Astrology has the answer to all your questions as long as you know your date, time and location of the birth correctly! The Nature of the Spouse can be easily seen from your own horoscope. The Navamsa divisional chart would tell us the temperament of one’s spouse, their education,career, family, luck etc.


Good Luck


Author Reference :S.K.Ramakrishnan (http://www.shadbala.org)

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