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Reincarnation, Controlled by One’s Own Karma

Cycle of Birth & Death

Karma in Hinduism is considered to be a spiritually originated law.

Karma means “deed” or “act” and more broadly names the universal principle of cause and effect, action and reaction, that governs all life.Karma is not a punishment or retribution but simply an extended expression or consequence of natural acts.

Classification of Karma
1. Sanchita Karma
2. Prarabda Karma
3. Kriyamana Karma

What is Sanchita Karma?

It is the big pool of the result of ou past deeds. ofcourse if you are fairly a new soul that has been elevated to the human form, then we could assume this pool is nearly empty to start with. as and and when we start accumulating the deeds (it could be bot positive and negative) the sanchita karma gets filled up. in one purushardham, let us say we lived upto age 84, then all these good and bad deeds one have done is accounted and stored in the big pool of sanchita karma.A Jiva cannot attain salvation until the accumulated sanchitha karma are completely exhausted

What is Prarabda Karma?

we take a shape once again after the death. we agree with pitrukkal(ancestor) or with ourself to clean a part of the karma from the big pool. it is only a part not full from sanchita karma. this agreed part has to be cleansed and that is why we are taking the shape again. we go through a different set of life events, environments that would uknowingly cleanse our old karma. this karma is called prarabda karma. now interestingly while on earth we would collect new karma and this become a liability (if negative) and gets addeded to the sanchita karma. this karma we accrue during the process of cleansing the prarabda karma. this is called kriyamana karma.

What is Kriyamana Karma?

the new karma generated as part of the daily life, activities is called kriyamana karma. the aim of rebirth of himanis to cleanse the part of the big karma called sanchita karma. the small part we agreed to cleanse is called prarabda karma which is a part of the big pool of karma(sanchita karma). but during this cleansing process, we unknowingly (or knowingly) accrue the karma. this could be by words, thoughts, actions etc. this accumulated karma during a particular birth is known as kriyamana karma. this could be positive or negative karma , but the result would be enjoyed in the netx birth.

The bad karma is triggered by thought, words, and action. it is not always that karma works 24×7 and haunt people, it is only by activation. but once bad karma is activated even God won’t be able to help.

What Happens to the soul after death?

Re-birth at the right time

The soul meets the pitrukkal (ancestors soul) in the house of manes. it goes through a review. it is said that the soul goes through a training program or observation until ready to take a shape. the soul agree to cleanse the part of the karma  it has done in the past and wait for the right time to take a shape. when the time strikes, it enter into the womb of the mother. it is also said that between 3 to 4 months of the development of the foetus is when the atman(soul) enters the body of the child. The soul takes the shape when the planetary cobinations are in perfect harmony with its prarabda karma it has agreed to cleanse. hence as per the agreement the right womb is chosen, there by father, mother, family , environment etc. what ever happens after the birth would be in perfect harmony with the prarabda karma of the soul.

Here one may wonder what is the real connection between this kid and the mother, father etc. it is true that  there is no real link, they are different souls all together but for the cleansing purpose biologically they are linked together. this is a beautifully written program that never fails.

Real life example

The soul agrees to deeply burry the past life memories before it takes a shape, so that the current birth is not complicated with the past life. but then, a times exceptions happens. please see one such real life incident below.

Shanti Devi Incident

please read below. this is one of the real life incident that happened during 1930s where even Mahata Gandhi got interested & involved after hearing the reliable news. Sri Gandhi even spoke to Shanti Devi and asked her to come and live with his ashram.


Please also see the book published on Shanti Devi incident called “I have lived before”

Hope you all start the Karma cleansing exercise Today !! it is worrying to think bad Karma can be accumulated by even bad thoughts!

All the Best for You!


Author Reference : S.K.Ramakrishnan (http://www.shadbala.org)

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