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Sixth house in a horoscope is called Rogasthan. If we count 6 houses in the clock wise direction starting from first house(including first house), we reach the 6th house of Rogasthan. It is also called house of enemy or debt.

It is also important to look at the 8th house and its lord for longevity purpose. The number one maraka planet for a person are 2nd lord, 7th lord, 6th lord, 8th lord and 12th lord respectively in the decreasing order of maraka, but 6th house is specifically looked for health related issues. 6th Lord, planets in the 6th house, planets aspecting the 6th house, planets aspecting the 6th lord, planets placed along with 6th lord also play an important role in the health matters of a person.

The entire human body is astrologically divided into varius sections and certain planets rules certain section or organs of the body. There is a classification based on the rasi as well. there are 12 rasis as you know. It is easy to think the first house in a chart represents the Head or the brain of a person. The second house represents the eyes, mouth etc.

Interestingly, Vedic Astrology has remedial measures for all the health issues people facing. This helps to reduce the malefic effect of the maraka planet coupled with the right medication, helps us in easy recovery.

Having said that, it is also very important for us to remeber that our current life here is a result of the past deeds, and accordingly we are here for a certain duration whether it is Alpa-Ayush, Medium Ayush or Dheerga-Aush. This very big picture can’t be changed, but where ever possible we are able to apply the astrological remedies to reduce the ill effect. However we need to remember, these remedies does not re-write the destiny of a person!

If you or your relatives are facing any helath issues for which the medical science is not giving a cure, please feel free to post your details, I should be able to analyse the chart and give a remedy as per the astrological findings! what you need to provide (please use the ‘Leave a reply section below’) is the 2 letter name, gender, date of birth, time of birth, location of birth and a brief explanation of the health issue they are facing.

All The best for Your health!


Author Reference : S.K.Ramakrishnan (http://www.shadbala.org)

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