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Boys or Girls the first thing they wanted to do after the Graduation is to get a Job. being on a Job has got massive importance in the society. more and more people now resort to the technology. computers , electronics, media, Banking etc. not many are after the conventional Jobs like a clerk, a Teacher position etc. all of them want big titles, big profile. there is nothing wrong in it.

As the quality and reach of education has increased in many fold, the number of kids doing school / college has also increased. there is more demand and the education is more and more becoming competitive. those who are on merit, easily gets medical or engineering positions. those who have got money easily get admission in private colleges doing the same level of education.The Number of children doing Arts or Literature has reduced to a major extent

All of them has 1 Aim, to become the top in their chosen field. in reality not all of them reach zenith of their career, not all of them actually do the same line of Job what they studied in college. some doctors are very famous in their field. some engineers also do.Majority of them don’t make headlines. why does this difference occurs? what is the reason? why is it that I am not having the Job satisfaction as in the work i do, money i get, the people i work with? but my friends are accomplished in Professional Life. These questions has been daunting people for long time

10s and 100s of questions the new work force has!. Vedic Astrology can answer your questions. Looking at the Birth Chart, an astrologer can tell you what field of profession you would(or should) go for ! what are your inherent strength. which field would be appropriate for you! . Please feel free to post your details (using ‘Leave a Comment’ option below)for a quick appraisal. all we need is your 2 Letter Name, Gender, Date/ Time/Place of birth.

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Author Reference :S.K.Ramakrishnan (http://www.shadbala.org)

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