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Education Counselling

Choose the right field of Study as per your Horoscope

Education is an interesting topic to discuss. A child go through Primary Education, Secondary Education, Degree Level, Post Graduate Level, and some times Research & Developmet (Phd) type of Education. As you know we do not see many Phd or Doctorate people around! we do see many graduates. As we all know, to get to a certain IQ level, all parents push the kids to get atleast the Graduate level Education.

In the west children usually stay with parents until end of the graduation and then move out of the house looking for a new Job and own settlement, where as in Vedic / Indian culture this is considered to be embarrsasing for the parents. children normally stay with the parents until they get married, that is ofcourse after getting a Job and when you are about at least 25 years of old!

Not all of the children meet the expectation of the parents as in Education. This is irrespective of whether the child has a rich or poor background. we have seen many rich kids do not perform in the school, some does. many poor kids perform very well, some of them don’t and become drop out.

The CAUSE can be clearly seen from the basic birth Chart. you may argue that it is due to the usual cause of socio-economic factors what makes a person a drop out, good at education, earning degrees , Phds and doctorates? But we do know there are Gems from very poor background who excel to the top of the Professional Level. Why? and How?

This is why we should analyse the chart and see what is in the Card for them! It is also important to find out the best course or area of study as promised in the chart that would give them a smooth sailing at work. For example, Jupiter represents law Job. A person with 10th lord Jupiter positioned in its debilitation house, and having very weak shadbala strength may not excel in Law Profession, and yet there could be other planetary combination that might be good for becoming a sailor! If we could identify this early in life, it would be very helpful for the child to use his time and energy in those areas of promise. This is why we call Vedic Astrology ‘The Guiding Light’ !

It is always Nice to Discuss Education as seen from the Birth Chart!
Parents, please feel free to post (Use the Leave a comment option below)your children’s 2 letter Name, Gender, date of birth, time of birth and location of birth for a quick appraisal.

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Author Reference :Vedic Astrologer S.K.Ramakrishnan (http://www.shadbala.com)

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Career Analysis

Career as per the Horoscope

Boys or Girls the first thing they wanted to do after the Graduation is to get a Job. being on a Job has got massive importance in the society. more and more people now resort to the technology. computers , electronics, media, Banking etc. not many are after the conventional Jobs like a clerk, a Teacher position etc. all of them want big titles, big profile. there is nothing wrong in it.

As the quality and reach of education has increased in many fold, the number of kids doing school / college has also increased. there is more demand and the education is more and more becoming competitive. those who are on merit, easily gets medical or engineering positions. those who have got money easily get admission in private colleges doing the same level of education.The Number of children doing Arts or Literature has reduced to a major extent

All of them has 1 Aim, to become the top in their chosen field. in reality not all of them reach zenith of their career, not all of them actually do the same line of Job what they studied in college. some doctors are very famous in their field. some engineers also do.Majority of them don’t make headlines. why does this difference occurs? what is the reason? why is it that I am not having the Job satisfaction as in the work i do, money i get, the people i work with? but my friends are accomplished in Professional Life. These questions has been daunting people for long time

10s and 100s of questions the new work force has!. Vedic Astrology can answer your questions. Looking at the Birth Chart, an astrologer can tell you what field of profession you would(or should) go for ! what are your inherent strength. which field would be appropriate for you! . Please feel free to post your details (using ‘Leave a Comment’ option below)for a quick appraisal. all we need is your 2 Letter Name, Gender, Date/ Time/Place of birth.

Good Luck!


Author Reference :S.K.Ramakrishnan (http://www.shadbala.org)

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What do you know about your future life Partner

Bachelors as well as Spinsters are curious about to know about their ‘would be’ spouse. their Looks, nature, family background, education, social status, finance, where this person is coming from,what job he/she is doing, Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage,Happy marriage, Lasting Marriage, etc, lots and lots of questions you have in your mind.

Interestingly Vedic Astrology has the answer to all your questions as long as you know your date, time and location of the birth correctly! The Nature of the Spouse can be easily seen from your own horoscope. The Navamsa divisional chart would tell us the temperament of one’s spouse, their education,career, family, luck etc.


Good Luck


Author Reference :S.K.Ramakrishnan (http://www.shadbala.org)

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